Written by Anthony Lai


In these documents I (Anthony Lai) would like to cover topics on philosophy of we approached designing and creating this website / web app. As well as go over specific developer practices that we followed and hopefully whoever is reading this and hopes to take over the project will follow as well. I will also try and teach any helpful testing methods for development and explain them. Lastly, I will discuss any futures improvements and features I hope to see implemented by any future teams, I would love to know if these are developed in the future so if you would please let me know!

<aside> 💡 I will strongly advise against making any changes to the website or core service before the code and these documents are fully understood. This is in order to protect the integrity of our hard work.



General Developer Documentation


Website Developer Documentation

Core Service

Core Service Developer Documentation

The 1.0 Software Team

Lead & Developer - Anthony Lai

Email - [email protected]

Developer - Zain Malik

Email - [email protected]

Developer - Vivienne Cruz

Email - [email protected]

<aside> 💡 Go ahead and email me (Anthony) if you're picking up this project and are really lost on what we've done and hopefully we still remember what we did!